Hello Lovely Readers, “90 degrees!” shouted the weatherman for Boston this weekend. Basically, predicting a hot and muggy concrete jungle. What are your too-hot-to-breathe activities? You can catch me staying in bed late w/my weekend reads then in an open windowed bar with the company of AC and FIFA.  Sunday maybe filling a cooler w/pounds

Weekend Mandatory Reads

Welcome to your first dose of Weekend Mandatory Reading (hence the 1.0). The weather in Boston is on the verge of consistency with its daily promise of a shining sun, spaghetti strap temperatures and umbrella covered patios. But with that comes the heat, which IDK about all of you but can take a complete toll

I’ve been eager to write a review about SweetBitter since the moment I scrolled over its cover shinning through Emma Robert’s Instagram. (Sidenote: if you don’t take literature suggestions from Emma Robert’s Instagram you’re absolutely missing out) Stephanie Danler has this amazing talent of capturing a young woman in her twenties in a new city. It’s