search for the perfect matcha

Matcha Matcha Matcha. I literally do not know how humans ever walked the earth without inhaling it daily.

The search for the perfect matcha is my new found calling, mostly because if I’m going to be purchasing one of the most expensive things on the menu, might as well be the best! Also, because there is such a thing as bad matcha. And it is as radical as the best, in the worst way possible.

The first Matcha I will share with you all is in Cambridge, Kendall Square to be exact. I suppose I am being a little biased, I pass this location every day Monday through Friday without even needing to change my normal course to the bank. Kendall at 1pm is blossoming with so many different types of humans. You have college students maxin’ relaxin’ on the lawn, busy suits scrambling for their food truck Chinese delight and you have all types of hipsters bobbin’ their head on their way to some hole in the wall.

Area Four may be known for its pizza and hip style, but there is something oh so more interesting brewing in there and it’s most certainly their Iced Mint Matcha Latte.

There are two components to this gem – (1) mind you, I said MINT matcha & (2) although it may not be completely healthy, half & half is included in the recipe.  The mint works like a magical unicorn with the iced aspect of the drink while the half & half gives it a rich and creamy texture/flavor.  All mixed together you’re looking at a mint chocolate chip-esc matcha that has you heart eye emoji for the rest of your afternoon.

You’re welcome

Area Four

500 Technology Square, Cambridge MA