blossom bar

where to drink: Blossom Bar

It’s safe to say that across the bridge, in the land of Cambridge & Somerville, restaurants are held to
a higher standard. I’m not just referring to the thoughts of critics, but to my own personal
taste.  The food outside of the Greater Boston perimeter simply has more flavor, love & authenticity. I’m even going to go as far as to say better service.  There’s no changing my mind about this.

That is, until I found a new secret lover, Brookline.

I’d be shocked if you haven’t heard of Blossom Bar yet.  It’s currently one of the hottest most talked about places in Boston.  Hidden down Washington Street in Brookline Village, Blossom Bar features exotic tiki drinks alongside Sichuan inspired dishes.  I thank the food gods for its arrival.

Although, the food brings joy to my taste buds and features all of your Sichuan daydreams and more, the true treasure their bar. Ran Duan is a legend for this one. Both for his style of cocktails and for the interior design the compliments your entire evening.

With a variety of cocktails to choose from, all dressed to their nines through their garnish, my best friend and I are ones to try the most unique on the list.  (Angie Valencia being my favorite)  However, don’t be fooled by your idea of luck, it’s almost impossible to get a seat at the bar. I wasn’t kidding, this is one of the most talked about places right now. I suspect eating in the dining room is just as mesmorizing but I am one to enjoy the commotion and atmosphere of a bar setting. So I suggest you wait patiantly, I promise it’ll be worth it.




blossom bar

Caracas express: santateresa rum lustau bodegas gran reserva, brown butter banana, lime


blossom bar

Angie Valencia: aguardiente aperol, papaya, kaffir, lemon