what to eat: Boston Calling music festival 2018

The music may be the main attraction this Memorial Day weekend at Boston Calling Music Festival. But, after you’ve selected your schedule line-up, the food is next.

Which stands are you going to flock to come in-between-set downtime? Wait, don’t fall into Google search engine panic.  I’ve put together a one-stop list to determine what treats you’ll be fantasizing about front row.

1. DO – When my sister told me that she went for cookie dough instead of froyo – I seriously couldn’t understand. After explaining how out of the loop I was, she told me that cookie dough (with your choice of all the mix-ins) is all the rage these days. Based out of NYC, DO Cookie Dough Confections is going to be your new obsession. With more than 12 flavors and countless mix-ins, this is your go-to if you’re looking to feed that sweet tooth. Photo credit: DO


2. Arancini Bros – Another based out of NYC, Arancini Bros serves up some of the finest stuffed rice balls in the land. If you’re looking for a quick and satisfying snack – this is your place. Not well versed in Arancini?  Think cheese or sausage or veggies rolled in delicious Arborio rice, breaded and deep fried. Yes, I said deep fried.  Photo Credit: Arancini Bros


3. The Smoke Shop – With this pick, I may be a little bias, but to my defense it is one of the best BBQ joints in Cambridge. If you’re looking for something to really fill you up this is going to be your savior. I know there are other options, great ones too, but The Smoke Shop is your BBQ haven, trust me. Photo credit: Boston Calling Music Festival 


4. Jaju Pierogi – Pierogi’s taste like home to me. I’ve had them ever since I could remember and they serve an important purpose – they can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. The two cutest women in the world run this local joint and it’s a promise to fill your tummy and soak up all that beer you’ve been downing. New to the Pierogi? I suggest potato and cheese, kielbasa and red pepper or cabbage and mushroom.



5. Union Square Donuts: Now, if you’ve never been here. Run, run as fast as you can the moment you see it. It’s a brunch must in my neighborhood. But, if you don’t show up early, as it always is in my house, you don’t get a maple bacon … and that would be a such a shame.


featured photo credit: The Smoke Shop