Weekend Mandatory Reads

weekend mandatory reading

Welcome to your first dose of Weekend Mandatory Reading (hence the 1.0).

The weather in Boston is on the verge of consistency with its daily promise of a shining sun, spaghetti strap temperatures and umbrella covered patios. But with that comes the heat, which IDK about all of you but can take a complete toll on the amount of things I’m able do with the frizz-ball I call my hair. The Glitter Guide has put together some quick, easy and cute up-dos that will keep your style on point and save you from being hot and sticky from your beautiful mane.

Sometimes, life isn’t pretty. Even though Instagram may try to cry otherwise. Lauryn Evarts of Skinny Confidential and The Newsette teamed up to give us a pep-talk about the importance of intention, value and community when it comes to posting on social media.

Speaking of a not-so-pretty scene, Lena Dunham talks about her struggle to cook and why it’s completely her mother’s fault. I am a huge fan of a homemade meal, always have always will, so it’s hard for me to comprehend that there is another breed of eaters out there. It’s a little humor mixed with realism. My favorite kind of read.

1. #NoFilter Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential

2. 5 Quick + Easy Summer Hairstyles To Keep You Cool All Season Long

3. My Mom Didn’t Cook, and Neither Will I


Have a wonderful weekend,