weekend mandatory reading

Hello Lovely Readers,

“90 degrees!” shouted the weatherman for Boston this weekend. Basically, predicting a hot and muggy concrete jungle. What are your too-hot-to-breathe activities? You can catch me staying in bed late w/my weekend reads then in an open windowed bar with the company of AC and FIFA.  Sunday maybe filling a cooler w/pounds of ice and heading to the beach w/magazines I’ve been meaning to finish. The best you can do is take advantage of it! Because come rainy day, you’ll be daydreaming of these better days.

This edition is a Pitchfork take over. I am always intrigued by their choice of content. But, I’m mostly impressed with their staff.  The features they produce are in-depth, personal and fun. Obviously, some big news this summer has been the pop-off of Kanye West. Pitchfork’s What We Saw at Kanye’s Ye Listening Party in Wyoming is a clear picture of the beginning of this journey West is taking us on.

Another obvious statement? We’re all obsessed with Rihanna and her empire. There’s a reason why both male and female are all gushing over her new lingerie line and it’s most defiantly because she’s the perfect example of the diva we all strive to be.  Need an overview? Pitchfork’s Rebecca Bengal gives us a look at How Rihanna Became the Most Stylish Pop Star of her Generation.


If you’re a music head and can’t seem to find the type of reads that spike your interest, Pitchfork has compiled a list of 17 New Music Books to Read This Summer.  I love this list because it has at least one recommendation for every type of music fanatic. From Quest Love to Van Morrison.


Now now, don’t freak about what you’ll be doing this Fourth of July, it’s a Wednesday, so for the working class I’m sure we won’t be doing any traveling this year. However, totally take advantage of a backyard party.  BBQ style to be exact.  Here are my Perfect Cookout Essentials to get you started.  If you’re still hung-up on a menu after that, I suggest leaning on TASTE for their Free Everything Tastes Better Outside Cookbook.

I’ll even approve of a brunch 4th celebration.  And if you do take that route, bring these Matcha Dipped Strawberries with you!


Have a wonderful weekend,